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This specially formulated gel contains no alcohol or beeswax and will not cause flaking. It allows you to style and/or touch up your hair and is ideal for those with locks and twists.
Many consumers use beeswax or gels with alcohol and sodium hydroxide (lye) to style their hair, but these products cause problems such as dry brittle hair, build-up, flaking, and in some cases, hair thinning or hair loss. In the past the only way to get the right balance of hold and moisture was to mix different oils, gels and waxes together. The use of Lock and Twist Gel results in twists with a fabulous shine and hold.
ORS has developed a product that gives natural hold, while adding moisture and shine to the hair. ORS Lock and Twist Gel is different from other gels on the market because it does not contain alcohol or sodium hydroxide (lye).
- It does not dry out the hair
- It does not cause excessive flaking
- It adds moisture to the hair
- Does not leave a sticky build-up that is often found with beeswax.

To comb twist, free hand twist, or double strand twists:
1. Begin by sectioning the hair for control and ease of twisting.
2. Apply Lock and Twist Gel to each section as your twist. Do not apply Lock and Twist Gel to the entire head.
3. Twist the hair with a comb or fingers.
4. For best results, set the completed twists under a warm dryer and dry completely.

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